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11 Ways You Can Raise Money For Your Salon

June 19, 2019

Funding your new business or expanding your existing one is exciting. This episode explores secured and non-secured ways to raise money. If you’re currently going through this and have some questions you’d like answered, you can always join Gloria Murray’s Facebook group Knowing Your Numbers. It’s a supportive environment and a safe place to find out more about numbers.

Who wrote the article?

Gloria Murray is a Glasgow-based triple award-winning accountant who has also been awarded the Most Innovative Business Advisor in the UK in the 2020 Annual Innovation Awards 2017. Director of Murray Associates Accountants, she specialises in helping small business owners grow sustainable and ethical companies that not only provide a better service to their customers but also contribute to local employment. You can book a free mentorship consultation with Gloria over on

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Phorest Salon Software has more than 4,000 spas and salons as customers in Ireland, the UK, Finland and the USA. Forbes describes us as "the leading salon appointment and CRM software company." We help salon owners get their clients in more often, spending more and generating referrals. #LetsGrow

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