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5 Ways To Add Clients To Your Salon & Spa Email Database

April 12, 2019

Your salon & spa email database is a crucial tool to stay competitive amid other businesses. Sending out news and promotions through email is necessary nowadays. Email marketing can definitely sound very daunting at first. WHO are you sending these emails to and HOW do you gather your clients’ email addresses in a compliant way? Hear about 5 simple ways to have your clients agree to giving you their email addresses (but before you send them any news and promotions, make sure you have their explicit consent to do so).

Who wrote the article?

Zoé Bélisle-Springer is an award-winning salon industry writer, podcast co-host/producer (Phorest FM, Phorest Blog podcast) and speaker known for helping salons grow through her educational contributions to Phorest Salon Software’s written and audio content. Building relationships with coaches and consultants across the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and continental Europe, she also oversees industry guest contributions to the Phorest Blog and initiatives such as the Salon Mentorship Hub. Driven by curiosity and inspired by creativity, she takes pride in crafting tailored and impactful articles, ebooks and podcasts destined to help hair and beauty business owners and artists get their clients back more often, spending more and generating referrals.

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