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How Millennials Are Securing Your Future In The Hair And Beauty Industry

July 10, 2019

The world is moving to an experience economy and businesses in the hair and beauty industry are well placed for this shift. Why, and how?

Who wrote the article?

Ronan Perceval is Phorest Salon Software's founder and CEO, a UK/Ireland-based salon software he created for the Hair and Beauty industry after years as a salon receptionist. He believes retaining your best clients is smarter than chasing new ones and that tech designed from direct salon feedback is crucial to its adoption and success.

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Who is Phorest Salon Software?

Phorest Salon Software has more than 4,000 spas and salons as customers in Ireland, the UK, Finland and the USA. Forbes describes us as "the leading salon appointment and CRM software company." We help salon owners get their clients in more often, spending more and generating referrals. #LetsGrow

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