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Time Management Is A Killer: How To Make It Work In The Salon

January 17, 2020

Usually, when we’re overwhelmed, it’s because we have lost some kind of control, which also explains why our emotions then creep over everything. Especially guilt — guilt for not doing, not being or not achieving enough. To get some control back and lower stress levels, you can work on two things: your numbers or budget and identifying your priorities time management.

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About the author

Valerie Delforge has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years giving her a strong understanding of the various challenges owners and managers face in their businesses. As a Business Strategy Consultant, she has established a proven track record of achieving set targets, year on year strategic growth and has inspired teams she works with to deliver high standards of service consistently. Valerie's commercial experience of working with brands such as Clarins, Urban Retreat, L’Occitane and Steiner is one of her strongest suits in assisting salon teams to focus their work on easy-to-implement key strategies. You can book a free mentorship consultation with Valerie over on

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